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Moto Oz - a trusted name in the biker community providing quality products at competitive prices.                 Visit Moto Oz Store

Oz-Wash is a waterless cleaner for everyday use and safe for all surfaces.  Quickly clean and shine your bike prior to a ride or after getting in from the road.  Safely removes dust, bugs, bird droppings, finger smudges,   & rain spots while giving a deep rich shine.  Oz-Wash repels dust and dirt from all surfaces.  Works exceptionally well on glass, plexiglass, chrome, & painted surfaces.  Oz-Wash does NOT contain alcohol, petroleum, or ammonia.

Oz-Chrome gives chrome a brilliant high quality shine.  Oz-Chrome contains a superior abrasive, along with cleaners & sealers to safely clean, shine, and protect all metal surfaces without scratching.  Make your chrome shine like it is in the showroom.

Oz-Polish is a superior quality polish and provides exceptional protection for your painted surfaces.  A luxurious shine will keep your bike looking like new.   The Oz-Polish advanced formula is safe to use on paintwork, fiberglass, clear coats, chrome, metal, & plastic.  Oz-Polish will remove microscopic imperfections & fill minor scratches without streaking, or leaving white residue or swirl marks.

Oz-Leather cleans, conditions, and protects all leather and vinyl.  The convenient wipe-off formula removes dirt and leaves a well conditioned & protected surface that repels dust and dirt, but does not leave oily residue.  The UV inhibitors retard fading, discoloration, and cracking.  Regular use will keep leathers and vinyl looking great and will restore weathered leather.

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