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Dear Moto Oz:

Just wanted to let you know that I've been in sales most of my life. I have always had to believe in the product before I could sell or recommend a product. 

When Oz with Moto Oz came by and showed me samples of the Moto Oz detailing products, I bought some of each because I know Oz and I trust him that each of the products were as good if not better than a lot of the same on the market at a higher cost. 

After I purchase 4 of the items, I was going to put them to the test before I started selling them to my customers. I operate a Motorcycle Leather Apparel store. I started first with the leather conditioner. I had received a few items from the mfg. that had some mildew stain on them. I used the Hawg-Leather cleaner/conditioner on them...WOW!  It removed the stain and really made the leather softer, I'm sold on that. Now I used it on all my leather that I sell, plus I took it home and used it on the seat of my Gold Wing...Great.

Next I used the Hawg-Wash and cleaned up my GW ...Great...Then I took the Hawg-Polish and it really did a good job bringing out the shine.  Last but not least, the Hawg-Chrome polish.  I have a 1993 GW that has several years of rust accumulation. Unbelievable how it took the rust off, I combined it with some 00 steel wool on a few of the really difficult places.

I believe that you'll be 100% satisfied with all of the Moto Oz detailing products.  If not they will refund your money, what a deal.

Ride Safe & Happy Trails,


The Motorcycle Outpost   - Westminster, TX   

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March 12, 2010

Dear Moto Oz,

I wanted to let you know how much I like your Hawg Wash Waterless Motorcycle Wash and Wax.

Last month I had been riding during one of our many lovely rains.  My Goldwing had grime top to bottom from having to follow trucks on the highway and I could not wash the bike immediately when I got to my work.   It sat in the shop area drying all day.  The mud and spray made a thick, dry paste all over the clearcoat. 

The temperature was going to drop that night below freezing, so I could not get the sprayer out to wash her because the drive area would get wet..  I usually carry a can of Honda Pro Spray Cleaner and Polish in the saddle bag to use after a good soapy wash.   I had been given a 4oz bottle of your product from a friend and thought I would try it out.  The bike was pretty dirty.  I sprayed it on, wiped it clean, and then sprayed a little more to polish it up.

It worked GREAT!  Just a couple of ounces did the whole bike!

Since then I have given bottles as gifts to my father, my friends and anyone who asks how I keep my bike so clean.  I will recommend your product to anyone.  Keep up the good work.

Sincerely yours,

“Sidecar Red” - Farmersville, Texas

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